A boiler fixed to wall above 3 radiators with smart TRVs, all displaying different temperatures to show individual control.

With our system the costs are significantly lower than many of our competitors*, meaning that the system pays for itself much sooner.  Automating your home or building generates cost saving because our system ensures that whenever a device is not required, it is turned off!  Our system can be programmed to reduce, or even switch off, a heater or radiator if a window in the same room is opened, resulting in less heating being lost to the outside.  It even allows for individual radiator control, heating only the rooms or places you need, rather than the entire building at the same time. 

Our system is also capable of measuring and recording the electrical usage of individual devices** which helps with understanding where electricity in a home or building is being used, thus allowing savings to be made if appropriate, which is much more efficient than just seeing your whole home’s electricity consumption.

We have many clients who install our systems to assist them with daily tasks due to their disabilities.  Our systems have been programmed to automate all their lighting, heating, curtains/blinds and even garden watering so they don’t have to reach for switches, etc.  Like many modern systems, ours is also controllable from a comprehensive app, available for smart phones and tablets, meaning you have a remote control everywhere you are!
A long, lit hallway with a graphic of motion operating the lights.

Automation may seem like science fiction or merely “unnecessary” but the benefits are often greatly misunderstood.

As well as energy saving, our system is ideal for comfort and convenience.  Coupled with the right devices and expert programming, your home & building can automatically react to your needs, like turning on selected lights when you enter your home or off when you leave.  Installations of our systems have afforded clients many complex automation sequences or 'scenes', which, for example, have adjusted the lighting and heating in a room when sitting down to watch a movie for a more cinema like experience.  Other implementations simulate occupancy to deter would-be burglars, as well as providing systems for clients who wanted ‘Dinner’, ‘Party’ and even ‘Cleaning’ automation scenes, each one adjusting the lighting, heating, curtains/blinds and multi-media accordingly.

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