We don’t just provide the components for our systems - we are also able to offer a range of services to help support the installer or user.

A teal, circular graphic showing home automation systems that are ready to use out of the box.

All our products, when purchased as a system, can be pre-configured, which exclusively programs them for your installation. They will have their device name, room location and, where appropriate, ‘automation scenes’ programmed so they are ready to use from day one. 

Additional programming is available remotely via our Support packages* which also ensure your system’s software & firmware are kept fully up to date, and is backed up in case of any system changes or failures and monitored for any support needs, like low batteries, etc.

Our services are designed to provide peace of mind and a system that is as easy to use as possible.  We manage all the complexity so the user can simply enjoy their home or building.

*Support packages available at extra cost.

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