Birkdale Smart Home was born out of a passion for smart home technologies and an insistence that they must complement their environment whilst still performing to their full potential.

After years of using various Smart Home Technology products and systems both for ourselves at home and deploying them for our commercial clients via our sister brand 'Ivandale', we decided to share our knowledge and experience by both curating and creating the most comprehensive range of retrofit products to enable smart but beautiful buildings, without considerable interference. 

 We developed our ranges based on the philosophy that smart building technologies should be installable in any building, and we have built Birkdale Smart Home with a consistent focus around priding ourselves on offering the ability to install smart home technology in such a way that there is almost no impact on decor or building fabrics. 

We are a small but dedicated team based in the North West of England, where we hold our stock, design and fabricate our own products, host our remote support services and manage our e-commerce site.

As all companies should, we will evolve over time, constantly striving to make smart home technology both seamless and beautiful.