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It’s simple! We consciously designed our products to be incredibly easy to install! For our Smart Switches & Smart Sockets you simply install them like any other light switch or socket, making them ideal for retrofit installations. Typically, there is no need to chase out walls for cables, avoiding dust and disturbing the décor!

When considering a complex project like a renovation or build it means the existing electrical contractor can easily install our system without the need for additional labour onsite and the subsequent project management.

Smart Home installation

All our Smart Switches & Smart Sockets are assembled, tested & packaged by us in the UK which allows us to provide the highest possible quality products. In the unlikely event of a problem or if you simply need more devices, we can get your products to you quickly and reduce delays on your project!

Smart Home Technology

Choose our ‘pre-configuration’ service and your system will be expertly programmed by our in-house technicians so that everything, including your ‘automation scenes’, is ready to use the moment it is installed and switched on, hugely reducing the complexity of installation for both installer & the user and allows the system to be used straight out of the box.

We also have a growing list of BSH Certified Installers around the UK, who are fully trained in our system and can be recommended if required.

Smart Home Certified Installer

Our Smart Switches & Sockets require a back-box depth of at least 40mm. Where this depth isn’t available we have decorative ‘back-box depth extenders’ that simply sit between the wall and our Smart Switches & Sockets, further reducing any disruption to you décor, perfect for retrofit installations, they can be installed as they are to create an additional design feature, or come ready to paint so that they blend seamlessly with your existing colour scheme.


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