Lighting, both internal and external, is critical to the ambience of an environment.  Without lighting we cannot see where we are!  Lighting can transform a space by using warmer colours to create an inviting & relaxing atmosphere or cooler, whiter tones of lighting to create a focussed and functional space.  With our Smart Dimmer Switches & Smart Wall Sockets, we enable new and existing light fittings, from wall & ceiling to floor & table lamps to become Smart, meaning they can be group controlled.  Each lamp or fitting can be individually dimmed to create an overall lighting scene, e.g. Watching a Movie, Dinner, Party or Reading.  Further, these scenes can respond to numerous events, i.e. time of day, motion detection to even the weather, current daylight levels or for specific events like dinner, reading, watching a movie or parties.

Using our Smart Switches & Smart Dimmer Sockets transforms your lights from being simple on/off lights to fully dimmable, remotely controllable, group-able, responsive and can be schedule-able lighting. This enables lighting ‘scenes’ to be created, which can be controlled by both the light switch in the normal way or via an app too, whichever is the most convenient.  Being able to control your lighting, and other appliances, by familiar looking switches greatly improves the usability of system so it can be enjoyed by both those familiar with the system and anyone new to it.