Our system can easily control your electrical appliances with the simple installation of our Smart Wall Sockets allowing you remotely switch appliances on & off, as well as schedule them to operate at certain times or respond to conditions like motion, a door opening, a weather type, etc. 


An image of a dimly lit hallway with a painting at the far end. A graphic highlighting how motion will activate the lighting is on the left of the image.

Appliance control also allows you to group control appliances for controlling them together and with other systems, like your lighting & heating, to create automated sequence or 'Scenes'.  

A man wears a smart watch showing a notification from his home automation system.

With our partner integrations compatible appliances can also be controlled, all from a single App!

An internally lit house at sunset with a graphic depicting the LUX level.

For example, you could have a 'leaving the home scene', which ensures all your lighting, heating and connected appliances are turned off.  

Our Smart Wall Sockets also monitors the electrical usage of your devices enabling you to get an accurate understanding of how much electricity your appliances are using, helping you to make informed energy saving decisions.

An outdoor smart socket with the lid open.

Controlling your appliances with our system provides you with the most convenient and efficient way of using them, especially with our Outdoor Smart Sockets, as you will no longer need to go outside in bad weather to turn your outdoor Christmas lights on or off, for example.

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