Alongside our Home Automation and Security Systems, Birkdale Smart Home can also offer building-wide networking solutions for domestic and commercial environments. With a range of indoor and outdoor options, we can guarantee full deployment of a high-performance wireless network.



Our use of the UniFi Access Point range allows for an easy to use, feature-rich system, all using the same intuitive interface that operates our access control and CCTV systems. Through a controller and software pairing, networking devices can be discovered, managed, and reviewed in real-time, enabling a more transparent network experience. The user can see everything happening in their network, from connected devices and total traffic to speed and throughput tests. The UniFi Controller offers information about your network, how it is being used, and that insight can optimise the network for better efficiency.

A diagram of the UniFi Dream Pro supporting CCTV and Networking Solutions.

As is consistent throughout our systems, all our network solutions are retrofit. ‘Plug and Play’ technology and simplified management reduces the complication and cost often found with other technologies.


Please note, due to the high sensitivity of some of our networking products and systems, we only offer this service following consultation. 

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