FIBARO Flood Sensor
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FIBARO Flood Sensor


FIBARO Flood Sensor

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FIBARO Flood Sensor


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FIBARO Flood Sensor is a universal, Z-Wave compatible, flood and temperature sensor. Device can be battery or VDC powered. Flood alarm is sent to the Z-Wave network devices or additionally to any alarm system controller, through opening a NC contact.

The device has built in temperature sensor, monitoring temperature of e.g. floor. Flood Sensor is designed to be placed on the floor or on a wall with a flood sensor probe extended by connected wire. The device has built in visual LED indicator and acoustic alarm. LED diode signals flood, operating mode or the Z-Wave network communication range.

In addition, the sensor is equipped with a tilt sensor reporting tilt or movement to the main controller e.g. when someone has taken the Sensor from its original location.

FIBARO Flood Sensor is sink-proof, which means it drifts on the water surface and keeps on sending alarm signal in case of substantial inundation of water.

Spare batteries are available here; CR123A Battery and if you subscribe to our Ultimate Support Plan we will dispatch to you a replacement battery whenever your system alerts us of a low battery.

  • Compatible with any Z-Wave Controller
  • Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller (firmware 3.2 or higher)
  • Supports protected mode (Z-Wave network security mode) with AES-128 encryption (firmware 3.2 or higher).
  • May be connected to any alarm system (potential free output terminal)
  • Extremely easy installation – simply put on a surface prone to flooding
  • May be installed anywhere – flood sensor’s contacts extended with a wire
  • Battery or VDC powered. When connected to an external, 12/24V DC power source, the battery serves as an emergency power source
  • Theft protection – tilt is reported to the Z-Wave network or alarm system’s main controller
  • Two operating modes – flood/temperature sensor or just a temperature sensor.
  • Alarm is signalled by sound, visual indicator (LED diode) and Z-Wave
Power supply: Battery or 12–24V DC supply (LPS or NEC class 2)
Battery type: CR123A/CR17345 battery, 3.0V DC
Power consumption (at VDC operation) 0.4W
Output terminals maximum current carrying capacity:
Maximum voltage at output terminals:
24V DC / 20V AC
EU standards compliance: RED 2014/53/EU
RoHS 2011/65/EU
Radio protocol: Z-Wave
Z-Wave+ (firmware 3.2 or higher)
Radio frequency: 868.4 or 869.8 MHz EU;
908.4 or 916.0 MHz US;
921.4 or 919.8 MHz ANZ;
869.0 MHz RU;
Radio transmit power: up to -5 dBm (EIRP)
Range: up to 50 m outdoors
up to 30 m indoors
up to 40 m indoors (firmware 3.2 or higher)
(depending on terrain and building structure)
Operational temperature: 0°C to 40°C – battery powering mode
-20°C to 70°C – VDC powering mode
Measured temperature range: -20°C to 100°C
Temperature measuring accuracy: 0.5°C (within 0 – 40°C range)
Dimensions (diameter x height): 72 x 28mm


This product is intended to be supplied by a certified Power Supply Unit marked “Class 2” or “LPS” and rated from 12V DC to 24V DC.

By default, Flood Sensor’s insensitivity is set to 1 second, which means flooding will be reported one second after it’s been detected.

Tilt tamper is insensitive to little vibrations and turns. After its activation, insensitivity is turned off for 15 seconds. After that, each Sensor’s movement will trigger audible alarm, consisting of 3 acoustic signals.

Version 2.6 has introduced the functionality of cancelling the tamper alarm after 10 seconds. During this time, both sources of tampering (movements and cover) must remain intact to cancel the alarm.


FIBARO Flood Sensor Manual

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